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Dreamer's Island

The Dreamer's Island

Be our guest at Zanzibar's first floating bar, restaurant and accommodation.

Wind down from the hustle and bustle in Stonetown's streets and relax with a cool drink and fresh food in the middle of the Indian Ocean. You even do not have to leave, stay over night in one of our basic rooms and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Experience Zanzibar off the beaten track!

The Floating Bungalow

You want to have a private romantic getaway with your loved one? You want to spend undisturbed time with your family?

Our floating bungalow offers you the right mixture of privacy, simplicity and comfort - in the middle of the Indian Ocean!

The mini bar on board can be stocked according to your wishes; the seafood delicacies of our floating restaurant are just a phone call away - room service inclusive!

About Dreamer's Island

Experience Zanzibar in a different way. Get to know the local community, don't just observe - be a part of it! Meet with like minded people from Zanzibar and all over the world at our bar and restaurant. Enjoy our unusual accommodations on the water; ranging from basic to regular comfort, we got you covered!

Bar and Restaurant

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Floating Bungalow

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Stonetown, Zanzibar


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